18% of parents support children continuing school work throughout the summer holidays, reveals survey

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24th June 2020 14:41 - Education

18% of parents support children continuing school work throughout the summer holidays: A survey of more than 7,500 parents of school aged children has found that a sixth (18%) feel that their child would benefit from continuing to work throughout the six-week summer holiday. Three-quarters of these parents said they felt their child has spent enough time away from the classroom and the holiday time would offer them an opportunity to catch up.

The overwhelming majority of parents surveyed in for the Childcare.co.uk research, however, said, that they wanted the summer holidays to remain in place as children are in need of a break.

When asked about their concerns over how well their child will 'catch up' once they return to school, more than half were confident their children will catch up quickly, while 42% said that their child's home learning has been good and so they don't expect them to have to 'catch up'.

Two-fifths of parents revealed that they are not at all concerned about the impact the COVID-19 lockdown has had on their children in terms of their education, while a quarter said they were in no rush for their children to go back to school and have enjoyed having them at home.

"We wanted to find out how parents felt about the subject, with many understandably concerned about the impact school closures is having on their children’s education," said Richard Conway, founder of Childcare.co.uk.

"That being said, it was still surprising to see that one in six parents think schools should open over the summer holidays to compensate for the loss classroom time of the last few months."

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