29% of students feel supported by their university during COVID-19

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14th August 2020 14:42 - Education

29% of students feel supported by their university during COVID-19: A survey of university students living in the UK has found that less than a third (29%) have felt supported by their institution during the coronavirus pandemic. 

This is just one of the findings from the NatWest Student Living Index 2020, which in June this year asked students to share their experiences of university life in a variety of areas in order to make nationwide comparisons. 

As well as asking questions around finances and expenses, students were quizzed about their experiences relating to COVID-19, finding that a quarter of the 2,806 polled believe the pandemic has had a negative effect on their ability to achieve their degree qualification. 

When asked about value for money, just one in 10 said they have received value from their university during the pandemic. 

Students were also asked to rate their university's response to the pandemic, with Aberdeen ranking top with 46% saying the overall response has been positive, followed by Nottingham (40%), Plymouth (39%), Exeter (39%) and Edinburgh (36%). Faring the worst was Poole (19%) and Portsmouth (19%), followed by Norwich (20%), Bristol (20%) and Coventry (22%).

When asked about their university's communication during COVID-19, 31% selected 8, 9 or 10 on a scale where 10 is considered 'excellent'. The most satisfied students were from Exeter (62%), followed by Aberdeen (54%), Nottingham (41%) and Plymouth (39%). 

Mental health support

Seven out of 10 students said they were offered some form of support for their mental health during the pandemic, however a quarter said they had not received support at all. 

Six in 10 students said they had received free online resources to support them during the crisis, while 30% said online counselling was available to them. A similar percentage (29%) said that no support in these areas had been made available to them. 

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