54% of parents give children their first mobile phone whilst they’re still at primary school, reveals survey

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29th September 2021 12:26 - Education

54% of parents give children their first mobile phone whilst still at primary school: A recent survey by Tesco Mobile has revealed that over half of parents will give their children their first phone before they start high school. Furthermore, six in 10 adults are of the opinion that a mobile phone is an essential item for school, both to aid learning and for the child’s safety.
More than a third of parents polled (37%) stated that owning a mobile phone is a good exercise of responsibility for their child, as it gives them more choice and something to look after. Another reason that is given as a positive for kids having phones in school, is they can help promote a healthy social life as they interact with their friends when they’re not with them.
When asked about why they felt it was important to give their child a mobile phone before the age of 11, 69% said they felt their child was safer when they had a phone on them. In addition, a further 47% stated the child’s ability to keep in touch with friends and family as a major point in having a phone in primary school.
The most important feature of a mobile phone for kids, according to half of parents, is the minutes and texts; meaning 37% decided on affordable plans for their children. However, 34% of participants stated they had opted for mobile data on their kids’ contract.
The study also aimed to uncover the biggest challenges that parents face when the new school term starts, with over half (53%) of parents stating the cost of school clothes and equipment the most stressful. Furthermore, 47% of parents admit to struggling to remember all the items they have to buy for the new school term, with a further 28% saying they struggle to make enough time to get organised.

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