82% of teachers feel they are not getting enough support during the Covid-19 pandemic to do their job effectively, according to survey

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1st October 2020 18:52 - Education

82% of teachers feel they are not getting enough support during the Covid-19 pandemic to do their job effectively: A survey of teachers has revealed that 82% feel that they are not getting enough support during the ongoing pandemic to enable them to do their job effectively. 

The survey by the NASUWT teaching union polled 6,445 members asking them about their experiences during the Covid-19 crisis and the support they are receiving. 

When asked about their workload, almost three-quarters of the teachers polled (74%) said it has increased compared to the same time last year, with just under a fifth (19%) saying it has 'stayed the same'. Fewer than one in 20 (4%) said that their workload has decreased, while 3% said they were ‘not sure'. 

The survey also asked about remote learning and whether teachers have been asked to develop their remote learning provision. Almost nine out of 10 teachers (88%) said they have been expected to develop their online learning provision for pupils, with just 11% saying they have not. Of those teachers who have been expected to develop their remote offering, 86% said this was on top of their current workload. 

When asked about breaks during the school day, 42% of teachers said they are still getting the number of breaks they usually receive throughout the day, however more than half (56%) said they were not.

The survey also revealed that 83% of teachers believe that they are not being given the necessary support for themselves, or for their school, by the government.

NASUWT general secretary Patrick Roach said: “Teachers are telling us they are experiencing massive strain on their workload and the provision of remote education is simply not sustainable without substantial additional resources, including extra teachers, to enable this to happen."

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