89% NEU members polled say school funding levels are a barrier to SEND pupil support

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20th November 2019 14:27 - Education

89% NEU members polled say school funding levels are a barrier to SEND pupil support: A survey of National Education Union members has revealed discontent when it comes to the support of SEND pupils, with two thirds rating government support as 'poor'. 

Almost a third (31%) of the 318 members polled - ( 61% of whom work as Sendcos in their school) rated support as 'requires improvement', while just 2% said it was 'good'. None of the respondents polled said that support was 'outstanding'. 

The research also found that 89% of respondents believe that school funding levels are a barrier to effective support for SEND pupils and that the situation is now worse than it has been previously. Almost six in  ten people polled said that they think it has become a lot worse'. More than two in five (42%) respondents said that they had seen class sizes increase in their school, with just 2% reporting an improvement in this area.

Other findings highlighted that more than three-quarters of members (79%) had seen a reduction in the numbers of TAs and LSAs at their schools, with just 4% saying they have seen numbers increase.  

When it  comes to SEND assessments, three-quarters (75%) said they have waited longer for pupils to be seen. Support service waiting times have also increased according to the poll, with 91% saying they have waited longer for CAMHS, BSS and EPS access. 

Asked how SEND support can be improved, more than nine in ten respondents (92%) said by increasing funding levels, whilst 87% said better mental health provision. Eight out of ten (80%) said that effective early intervention and SEND support could improve the situation, while around three-quarters said 'more joined-up thinking' (76%) and faster access to assessment for SEND pupils (75%). 

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