Apprentices more loyal than other recruits, survey finds

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6th May 2015 13:26 - Education

A survey, of 555 apprenticeship employers, has revealed that 56 per cent believed that apprentices stay with a business longer than other Apprentices more loyal than other recruits, survey findsmembers of staff, making them more loyal employees.

Of those who agreed with this statement, 59 per cent believed that apprentices remain loyal as a result of the high quality training provided.

Over 50 per cent believed that apprentice loyalty is due to the individual developing within the business; working from the bottom to the top.

The findings also showed that 1 in 3 (approximately 33 per cent) were of the opinion that apprentices are more devoted to the company than other employees.

The survey also discovered that apprenticeships enable businesses to attract and win new business, with 76 per cent of employers promoting their apprenticeship credentials when attending business pitches. Of the 76 per cent who do this, 46 per cent said that it was a key part of their pitch.

As well as building a skilled and loyal workforce, the employers in the survey said that taking on apprentices makes a company stand out; with 1 in 3 suggesting that hiring an apprentice has helped them to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

The findings also revealed what effect apprenticeships have on a business’ supply chain, with a third of employers saying that they’d be more inclined to choose a supplier or partner if they hired apprentices.

Of the respondents, 35 per cent claimed to actively promote hiring apprentices to their supply chain.

Vince Cable, Business Secretary said of apprenticeships in the UK: “Backed by industry and our top education institutions, they will help ensure we meet the skills gap and give people the chance of a great start to their working lives.

“Apprentices will split their time between university study and the workplace and will be employed throughout – gaining a full bachelor’s or master’s degree from a top university while earning a wage and getting real experience in their chosen profession.

“Higher apprentices are already able study to degree level as part of their apprenticeship but degree apprenticeships will go further. They will involve a degree as an integral part of the apprenticeship, co-designed by employers to make sure it is relevant for the skills industry is looking for. As with other apprenticeships, the cost of course fees are shared between government andemployers, meaning that the apprentice can earn a full bachelor’s or even masters’ degree without paying any fees.”

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