COVID-19: 98% of teachers asked to attend school during Easter holidays, according to poll

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21st April 2020 14:36 - Education

98% of teachers asked to attend school during Easter holidays, reveals poll: A poll by NASUWT, the union representing teachers across the UK, has revealed that almost all the teachers questioned were asked to go into school over the Easter break.

The survey of almost 1,000 teachers found that although seven out of 10 teachers reported feeling that they were being treated fairly by their employer, some disclosed concerns about their safety due to COVID-19, as well as the safety of others.

Two-fifths (39%) said they did not feel like they had been given enough guidance around social distancing within the school setting by their school, while almost half (48%) said that they did not feel that the arrangements to clean, disinfect and cleanse touched surfaces frequently were adequate. Almost a third of the teachers polled (32%) voiced concerns over inadequate provision of soap and hot water within their school environment.

Self isolation and 'vulnerable' teachers 

The survey also revealed that of the teachers who should have been self isolating (due to their own symptoms or those of a family member), 51% were asked to go into school during the first week of partial school closures. Similarly, 39% of teachers considered 'vulnerable' due to existing health conditions, pregnancy or age, were also asked to attend school at this time. 

Other findings revealed that while many schools had put into place a rota for teachers since the schools closed, just 39% said that staff had been consulted and had agreed to it.

In addition, more than a third of the teachers polled (36%) reported that their school had not given them the IT equipment they needed to work from home, while just a quarter (24%) had received support from their school in discussing and agreeing their home work programme. 

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