Education survey reveals a crisis within secondary education

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4th April 2016 11:56 - Education

During a time when many teachers are reporting increasing workloads, a recent education survey of approximately 9,000 secondary and primary school staff in England, has revealed that there is widespread fear about class sizes and little resources available to assist teaching.Education survey reveals a crisis within secondary education

Conducted by the National Union of Teachers, the survey also discovered that 86 per cent of primary school staff felt that the morale had plummeted within their school over the last two years, with 75 per cent claiming that their own morale was either very low or low. Of the secondary school teachers, around 72 per cent said that their morale was also very low or low.

Of the primary school teachers in the survey, some 48 per cent said that they were thinking of leaving the profession in the upcoming two years, whereas 65 per cent of secondary school staff said that they were frustrated with a shortage of services that consequently was having a negative effect on SEN (special educational needs) student’s achievement.

The vast majority of secondary school staff (85 per cent) said that the Government’s accountability measures were "harming the self-esteem, confidence and mental health" of their pupils. An example of an accountability measure is a test which reflects a school’s progress, rather than the achievement of the students within it.

92 per cent of the respondents said that the accountability measures were reducing the time and quality for interaction between teachers and pupils, as a result of "the way these performance indicators and metrics drive behaviour".

As well as this, 86 per cent of the primary school teachers in the survey said that they feel that the Government should cancel this year’s exam as a result of "the chaos surrounding implementation".

Christine Blower, the General Secretary of the National Union of Teachers, said of the findings:

NUT general secretary Christine Blower said: "The Secretary of State (Nicky Morgan) should listen very seriously to this very grave warning, especially at a time when she is proposing in her White Paper to introduce yet another set of top-down changes."

Blower added: "The survey results confirm that secondary education is experiencing a multi-faceted crisis. Teacher workload is rising, while morale is falling. Cuts are biting, while the mental health of students is under increasing strain."

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