Eight in 10 students want in-person higher education when they study abroad, finds global survey

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8th October 2021 12:42 - Education

Eight in 10 students want in-person higher education when they study abroad, finds global survey: A survey of students from 55 countries has found that students are still keen to travel abroad to study 'on-campus' despite a huge expansion of online opportunities during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

The research by IDP Connect (part of a student recruitment company based in Australia) polled 3,650 students for its research, with 79% of respondents stating they were only looking at studying at oversees 'on-campus' institutions.

Furthermore, it revealed that fewer than a fifth (18%) were prepared to study online in their home country before moving to study abroad in-person.

The research also looked at the reasons why students are interested in studying overseas, finding that 63% were likely to want to stay in that country after finishing their studies and so their qualification could lead to longer term emigration. Slightly fewer (65%) said they were interested in having post-graduation working rights available to them.

The survey found that Canada was shortlisted as a destination for overseas study by 69% of respondents, which the report says may be due to its open immigration policy. Then followed the UK (48%), followed by Australia (46%), the US (46%), New Zealand (27%) and Germany (21%), Singapore (14%) and France (13%).

In terms of the most popular choice, again, Canada was they favourite (39%), followed by the UK (17%) and the US (17%), and then Australia (16%) and New Zealand (4%)

Simon Emmett, IDP Connect CEO, said:

“Students want to be clear about the value and the outcomes they will gain. The countries and institutions that can offer and communicate clear pathways to employment or migration will be most popular as the world continues to re-open from the pandemic.”

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