Four Fifths of Teachers Want to Remain in the European Union

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23rd June 2016 17:32 - Education

New research conducted by education market research specialists VoicED (part of DJS Research Ltd) has discovered that four fifths (82%) of primary and secondary school teachers say they are going to vote, or had voted, for Britain to remain in the European Union in today’s referendum.

On the day of the European referendum, 608 educators in primary and secondary schools across the UK took part in a short market research survey administered through the VoicED Panel which asked them: “Which of the following apply to how you will vote in the EU Referendum? If you have already voted please select the campaign you have voted for.”

The findings showed that 82% said that they were going to vote, or had voted, to remain in the European Union. Predictably, 18% said that they were going to vote, or had voted, to leave.

Overall, only 4 respondents (<1%) said that they were not going to cast their vote at all in the referendum.

Speaking about the results of the survey, Elliot Simmonds, Research Consultant at DJS Research, had the following to say:

“Our data suggests that most primary and secondary educators are strongly in favour of voting to remain in the European Union - more than four fifths of the education professionals we spoke to said they intend to vote remain. This is in line with several other polls which have been released in the run up to the Referendum today, and appears to be a stance which permeates across the education sector; there are minimal differences between gender groups and between age bands. In short, it appears primary and secondary education professionals are generally in favour of remaining in the European Union.”

Sample was weighted towards secondary schools (462 secondary vs. 146 primary) and females (353 females vs. 255 males).


Four Fifths of Teachers Want to Remain in the European Union

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