Global Poll Sees UK Voted Safest Place to Study

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23rd October 2012 16:28 - Education


An international survey conducted by the British Council and online student forum The Student Room has discovered that Britain has been voted as the safest place to study out of eighty countries.

To uncover the findings, the British Council’s Education Intelligence team used a poll along with survey feedback from focus groups attended by students and their parents.

The main reason given for the UK’s topping the poll as is its multicultural society, with nearly 40% of the respondents who considered Britain the safest place to study citing it as the primary reason for their opinion.

In addition, the relatively low crime rate here, strict laws restricting gun ownership and good medical care were further factors that contribute to the UK’s safety status.

Overall, more than a quarter of students rated Britain top for safety, while Canada came second, followed by the United States, Germany and New Zealand.

The US as a study destination divided the surveyants - its high police presence, relatively relaxed gun laws and multicultural society saw it ranking as both the third least safe and safest study destination.

Lowest on the rankings were Israel due to fears over terrorist attacks, followed by South Africa where street crime is seen to be rife.

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