Jamie Oliver Urges Action On New School Dinner Survey Results

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5th November 2012 16:10 - Education

A poll recently conducted by the Local Authority Caterers Association (LACA), and the online dinner money company ParentPay, has shown that parents want school dinners across all the UK’s schools to adhere to the same standards.

More than nine in ten (92%) of parents who were asked said they would suggest an independent governing body to ensure that these standards were regulated and met by the schools.

Three quarters (73%) of respondents said they believed only sixth former students should be allowed out at lunchtime, with more than a third (35%) saying they thought even sixth formers should stay on site to eat.

Of the 12,000 parents that responded to the survey, four fifths (82%) agreed that schools in deprived areas should be given extra cash allowances for their catering service.

Almost a tenth (8%) of parents admitted that their children left home without eating breakfast, with a quarter saying that they would like breakfast to be provided by schools.

Although very enthusiastic about ensuring the adequate nutrition of their children, more than half (57%) admitted they didn’t know whether or not their school was definitely meeting the standards set. 

Jamie Oliver, who campaigns for better school meals, has called for the government "to do something positive with the data". 

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