Market Research Shows English Children Less Happy Than Those In Developing Countries

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29th August 2014 12:54 - Education

A brand new report, released by The Children’s Society, demonstrates that children in England are less happy and satisfied than those living in a number of developing countries – which include Romania, Brazil and South Africa. In fact, data from the eleven countries polled places English children ninth in terms of wellbeing and happiness – only better than South Korea and Uganda.

The Good Childhood Report considered the particular views of 16, 000 individual children from within a total of eleven countries, and warned that low levels of happiness and wellbeing can impair health, education and family life. Additional data from the survey suggested that across the United Kingdom almost 500,000 youngsters have low levels of wellbeing – i.e. low levels of happiness and satisfaction. According to these particular figures, one in eight UK children were unhappy using their appearance – only teenagers living in South Korea were more unhappy when it came this element of their lives.

English children were more prone to be positive about their life regarding money and possessions, friendship and home. They ranked sixth out of the 11 countries in these areas. The report found a link between a child’s higher level of wellbeing and their circumstances financially, with those suffering the effects of the recession more prone to have a lower level of wellbeing according to the findings. Around a third of the respondents stated that their family has been affected either a ‘fair amount’ or a ‘great deal’ from the economic downturn.
The report found that teenagers who considered themselves to be poorer were two times as  likely to say they were miserable, and nearly three times more prone to say their satisfaction with life was low.

The research survey reviewed around 16,000 children of which 3, 000 were living in England and in school years four, six and ten. Other countries included within the survey data were Romania, Spain, Israel, Brazil, The United States, Algeria, South Africa, Chile, South Korea and Uganda.

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