Millennials staying in the same sector due to fears of starting a new career, survey suggests

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25th April 2018 16:07 - Education

Millennials staying in the same sector due to fears of starting a new career, survey suggests: While millennials may have a reputation for being more mobile than previous generations in the workplace, a new survey suggests otherwise. 
The survey of 1,000 people dubbed ‘the millennial generation’ (born between 1980 – 1999) reveals over half (53%) have stayed in the same career rather than start again in a new sector. 
The research conducted by education charity, Teach First, revealed the reasons for almost three in ten workers staying in the same job is the fear of having to start again at entry level, or that the change would not work out for them. This is despite 32% admitting they are not happy in their current role. 
The findings of the study also suggest that it is not the reduction in salary that is stopping millennials making the career leap, with only a fifth (19%) putting a high income as more important than personal fulfilment when looking for new job opportunities. 
The research also found that making a difference to the lives of other people was important to respondents with just under a third (29%) saying they would find their current role more rewarding if it met that objective. 
CEO of Teach First, Russell Hobby told The Independent: 
“People talk a lot about millennials moving from one career to the next, constantly looking for more progress and greater responsibilities. I think this research shows that some of that is unfair actually. 
“Although they are a bit more mobile than previous generations, what they are really searching for is greater meaning in their work – and a role that will bring them the satisfaction and the social impact that they are looking for.”

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