Most popular party amongst youths is Labour, survey discovers

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7th May 2015 17:39 - Education

A recent survey, of over 2,300 secondary school pupils aged between 15 and 18, has found that almost 25 per cent would vote for Labour if they were old enough to Most popular party amongst youths is Labour, survey discoversvote in yesterday’s general election.

Of the sample, 24.8 per cent said that they would choose to vote Labour if they were able to. Although, the same percentage said that they would be unsure who to vote for.

Closely following Labour in gaining the support the teenage demographic was the Conservative Party, with 19.3 per cent, and Nicola Bennett’s Green Party, with 10.2 per cent.

9.9 per cent of students said that they would vote for UKIP – the anti-EU party.

The survey revealed that Liberal Democrats only secured just 4.1 per cent of teenagers’ confidence. A further 5.2 per cent said that they wouldn’t vote for the Lib Dems.

Of the respondents, 44.3 per cent said that they would like Labour’s policy of lowering the voting age of 16 to come into action, indicating a desire among the teenage demographic to voice their opinions.

Of the teenagers surveyed, 56.9 per cent said that they would like to be able to cast their vote either by text message or on the internet. In addition to this, 39.6 per cent said that they would favour voting online above any other method, if it was ever adopted.

The CEO of Gojimo – who conducted the survey – said of the findings: “The idea of giving teenagers the vote at 16 is clearly gaining ground in the UK,”

“The fact that 70 per cent of respondents had a clear idea of who they would vote for, with only 5 per cent saying they wouldn’t exercise their right to vote, demonstrates that this group is politically aware and ready for their opinion to be heard.”

The survey comes on the heels of a TES and YouGov survey, which indicated that Ed Miliband’s Labour was the most favoured political party among teachers.

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