National Literacy Study Finds UK Children Not Reading Enough Books

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23rd August 2011 15:24 - Education

A survey by The National Literacy Trust on has found that children much prefer reading emails and text messages to books.

The organisation questioned more than 18,141 young people in 111 schools across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland on their attitudes towards reading, writing and communication skills.

It was discovered that fewer than half of UK children between eight and 17 years of age read a novel outside class every month. In total, 10% of those surveyed "do not enjoy reading at all", while one in five children consider reading outside of class “embarrassing”.

In addition, more than half of the children said they prefer watching TV to reading and a quarter only read when they have to.

George Dugdale, The National Literacy Trust's policy advisor, commented: "We recognise the need to embrace all new forms of technology whilst still retaining engagement with, and ability to use, more traditional forms. We strongly believe that children have the right to be supported to develop the literacy skills they need to live a successful, fulfilling and happy life in a world that is characterised by a wealth of different media."

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