New Education Sector Market Research Suggests Students Wary of Costs of Postgraduate Study

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8th August 2013 12:29 - Education

A survey of more than 1,100 UK students has found that two thirds do not believe that continuing with further study is worth the cost. Only a little over a third (35%) of respondents in their second or third years at university, said that they agreed that getting a postgraduate degree would give them good value for money. One respondent described studying at postgraduate level as an ‘unaffordable luxury’.

This is compared to three in five (59%) Masters students and over three quarters (77%) of PhD students who felt their further study had been worth the additional cost. However, despite not feeling it was worth the money, the research suggested that 57% of undergraduates feel that postgraduate study would improve their job prospects.

Other figures have shown that there was a six per cent drop in the number of postgraduate students in 2011-12. In addition, research has also suggested that those with Masters and PhD qualifications have higher salary expectations – with 18 and 41 per cent respectively feeling that they would earn a starting salary of £31,000 or above. To add perspective, this figure was only one in twenty (5%) among bachelor’s degree students.

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