Nine out of 10 parents surveyed by Ofsted believe their child's school handled Covid pandemic, 'well'.

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21st May 2021 15:07 - Education

Nine out of 10 parents surveyed by Ofsted believe their child's school handled Covid pandemic, 'well': Following a year of disruption due to the coronavirus pandemic, a survey has found that nine out of 10 parents believe their child's school handled the crisis 'well'.

Nearly half the respondents polled (49%) said the pandemic was handled 'very well' by their school, while two-fifths (39%) said it was handled 'somewhat well'.

The questioning around the pandemic was carried out by Ofsted in March 2021 as part of its annual parent survey, which questioned 1,018 parents of primary and secondary school age children, as well as a small number of pre-school aged children attending childcare. It found that just 8% believed their child's school had handled things 'not very well', and just 3% answered 'not well at all'.

Looking at the responses for primary schools, over half the parents polled (52%) said that schools handled the pandemic 'very well', while 37% answered 'somewhat well'.. This compared to 45% of secondary school parents who said their school had handled the pandemic 'very well' and 41% who said 'somewhat well'.

The polling found that two thirds of parents polled (67%) had concerns that their child had missed out on learning during their time speny at home, and of these, a third were 'extremely' concerned about lost learning. A fifth (20%) said they were 'not very concerned', and 12% said they were 'not concerned at all'.

When it came to mental health, 65% of parents were concerned about the impact Covid-19 might have on their child's mental health, with 22% reporting they were 'very concerned'. A quarter (25%) were 'not very concerned', according to the poll, while 9% were 'not concerned at all'. When asked the same question about their child's physical health, 45% were concerned, with 11% 'extremely concerned', however, the majority were not concerned or not concerned at all (55%).

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