Our research finds majority of students want universities to review their digital strategies

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1st June 2016 17:26 - Education

During March and April 2016, we conducted some education market research on behalf of Unit4 to measure students’ perceptions of their universities’ current digital offer for administration. One of the key findings we drew from the research was that 70 per cent of students across nine global markets would urge their university to change and review its digital strategy for student administration.Our research finds majority of students want universities to review their digital strategies

Of the respondents in the global survey, approximately 33 per cent said that their administration systems do not meet their expectations, which in turn would make them less likely to recommend the institution to anyone else.

The 2,000 individuals who took part in the survey were both full and part-time university-level students in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Benelux, Singapore, New Zealand and Australia.

The survey did reveal that student’s responses were relatively consistent amongst both undergraduates and postgraduates throughout all of the countries in the survey.

44 per cent of the global respondents said that their student administration is managed digitally either a little bit or not at all.

Of the respondents in Singapore, 55 per cent said that they felt that administration is that complicated that it eats into the time they should be studying. A further 44 per cent said that they currently have different log-ins for digital services and 65 per cent said that admin should be easier, taking into account how much they pay.

We also discovered that the distinct lack of modern digital solutions for students’ admin has a negative effect on the respondents’ views of the institution.

Of the global sample, 41 per cent said that their experience of university would be better if there was more digital interaction.

Our researchers uncovered that university students are the least satisfied with the management of their financial aid, transfers across coursed and communication with faculty advisors.

In excess of 80 per cent of the respondents said that they would be more satisfied with their university life if their institution introduced a digital system which managed all of their administration. As well as this, 87 per cent said that they would like an app which tracks where they are in their degrees to help them stay on track.

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