Over half Brits polled think teachers deciding pupil grades in 2021 due to Covid-19 is 'fair'

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26th February 2021 14:46 - Education

Over half Brits polled think teachers deciding pupil grades due to Covid-19 is fair: A survey of people in the UK has found that more than half feel that teachers deciding the grades of their GCSE and A Level pupils where examinations cannot be sat due to the coronavirus pandemic, is 'fair'. 

The YouGov poll questioned 4,943 Britons to gauge their opinions around the issue which has been much discussed in the media in recent weeks after the use of an algorithm last year caused some students to be downgraded. 

The majority of voters (55%) said they think it is fair that teachers decide upon the final grades using a combination of mock exam results, coursework and essays, breaking down to 64% of Labour  voters, 65% of Lib Dems and 53% of Conservative voters. 

Over a fifth of respondents polled (22%) said the solution is unfair, while 23% said they 'did not know' if this was fair or unfair. 

According to region, respondents from the North were most in favour of a 'fair' verdict (57%), followed by the 'rest of the south',  Midlands/Wales (54%) and Scotland (54%), with London ranking the lowest (52%)

More women than men thought it to be a fair system (56% versus 53%), with  more men believing it to be unfair (24% versus 20% of women). 

The breakdown by age is interesting revealing 30% of 18-24 year olds believe the proposed system is unfair, followed by almost a quarter of 25-49 year-olds (23%), a fifth of those aged 50-65 (20%), and just over a sixth of those aged 65+ (18%).

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