Poll Discovers UK Kids Have Good Tech Skills but Alarming Gaps in Mundane Tasks

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2nd September 2011 18:52 - Education

A survey by Kelkoo, which posed a wide range of questions to 1,057 parents to learn about the daily activities and capabilities of children, has revealed some curious anomalies.

Currently, it seems that an overwhelming majority of UK primary school children are capable of handling a computer with ease, but when it comes to carrying out common tasks such as tying shoelaces, they are struggling.

In total, the Kelkoo poll found that nearly 9 in 10, or 86% of five to seven year olds in England are technologically adept and capable of operating a computer with little or no difficulty.

The results further discovered that 97% of children in this age group are able to play computer games.

In contrast however, only 56% of those kids were able to tell the time, and even more disturbingly, only 32% could tie their own shoelaces.

The poll also found that almost 60% of the children in this age group could ride a bi-cycle, indicating that British children are capable but display alarming gaps when performing mundane tasks.

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