Poll Finds Majority of Britons Blame Poor Parenting and Lack of Discipline for Riots

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26th August 2011 17:51 - Education

A poll on behalf of the Metro newspaper has revealed that the British public blames poor parenting and lack of discipline at school for the recent riots that shook the UK, rather than police harassment or poverty gaps.

The survey results, published today, show that the majority of Britons have also pinpointed gang culture and dependency on welfare benefits as a major cause of the shocking disruption that spread through the nation.

Of the 1,147 adults who were polled between August 9 and 15, just 22% believed police harassment played a significant role in the riot violence.

Furthermore, the poorest in society have been deemed at least as much at fault for their hardships as society itself. This indicates a strong public sentiment that ‘yob culture’ is simply not acceptable.

Shaun Bailey, who runs the My Generation inner-city youth charity, has said he was not surprised by the poll findings and claimed that too many excuses have been made for rioters: “For too long, we have had policies that mean people can make a decision not to work while the rest of us pick up the bill.”

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