Poll Reveals Money Worries Means One in Three Students Can Not Sleep

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16th October 2012 11:15 - Education

A recent study conducted by the student discount website studentbeans.com has found that nearly a third (32%) of students suffer from sleep deprivation as a result of financial worries. 

The market research project also found that money issues triggered depression in one in five students, whilst 37% admitted they have experienced a form of anxiety due to their budget problems.

Students in the UK revealed their spending habits in the online Youth Spe

Poll Reveals Money Worries Means One in Three Students Can’t Sleep

nding Survey 2012, with 20% claiming they have experienced periods of going without heating or hot water in order to stay on track financially.

In addition, over a fifth (22%) of students admitted to spending less on books and other materials related to their education due to the state of their bank account.  Half of the students said they have had to cut down on alcohol in order to save money during their time of study.

Oliver Brann, editor of studentbeans.com commented: “[Students’] loans are running out well before the end of term and they are worried about meeting rent payments, having enough cash for expensive text books and having to cut back on heating or hot water to save a few pennies."

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