Research Suggests Britons Opposed To Raising Tuition Fees

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17th August 2011 10:34 - Education

A survey of 2767 adults, carried out by YouGov, has shown that around half (46%) of British people believe that the proportion of young people who go on to university from further education is too high. A quarter (23%) feel the number going to university is correct, while just 13% feel too few are attending.

The poll also reveals that nearly three in five people (58%) oppose raising tuition fees – which graduates will pay back once they are earning £21,000 – and nearly three quarters (68%) believe that tuition fees of between £8000 and £9000 a year will lead to a reduction in the number of people attending university. Just over a quarter (28%) welcomed the changes, with a similar number (24%) feeling the changes would not lead to a reduction in the numbers attending university.

Almost half (46%) of respondents felt that, following the introduction of the new fees, graduates will end up worse off in the end; though 37% felt that the benefits of attending university and the higher earning graduates can expect in their lifetime will still outweigh the cost of Further Education.

In April this year, almost three quarters of universities in England and Wales made it known that they would be charging the maximum £9000 fees for at least some courses they offer.

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