Research shows that over 30 per cent of children feel at risk when they’re at school

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17th November 2014 15:58 - Education

Findings from a recent BullyingUK survey has shown that bullying is still a problem for children, as 30% of those polled claim that they do not feel safe whilst they’re at school.

Findings from the survey show that instances of bullying usually happen at break-time, in the playground and in classrooms. With an alarming 95% of parents claiming that bullying occurs at school, it is no wonder that the problem is a major worry for children. More than half of parents also admitted that their child had been bullied more than eight times (61%).

The findings have shown that more than four in five (83.2%) children have experienced name calling and two thirds (66%) have experienced physical bullying and with a similar number (68.1%) having suffered social bullying.

It was also found that bullies often act in groups as four in five (81.4%) youths claimed that they were bullied by more than one individual.

When analysing the effect that bullying has on children, it was found that 58% of children have taken days off school as a result of bullying.

Shockingly, it was found that 41% of the children surveyed had experienced bullying which lasted for more than two years.

Once reported to the school, 85% of children said that bullying did not stop and 74.5% felt that the school were unhelpful. However, 61.4% of staff believe that keeping on top of bullying is difficult.

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