Sainsburys Survey Shows Many Britons Waste Food

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8th November 2011 15:52 - Education

In an effort to help reduce the amount of food waste created in the UK, grocery retailer Sainsbury’s has completed a survey of 2,000 Britons to better understand consumer shopping and food binning habits.

Their research discovered that up to 25% of people throw away food ahead of its best before date without even checking whether it has expired.

They gave labels to types of people who waste food - ‘Hungry Hoarders’ impulsively stock on groceries despite having no time to eat them and ‘Ditzy Diarists’ (20% of those surveyed) go shopping without remembering they will be out for most of the week.

Some people are taking positive steps to minimise food waste however, such as ‘Freezer Geezers’ who regularly stock their freezers to thriftily store leftovers and ‘Conscientious Consumers’ who use leftovers to create new dishes (44% of those polled).

Sainsbury’s has been partnering with the Waste Resources Action Programme (WRAP) for several years – they have provided the retailer with staff training aimed at informing shoppers of the need to reduce waste and offering advice on how to keep food fresh.

Their top tips for customers to cut waste include checking the fridge daily to see what needs using up and keeping fridges below 5°C to ensure food remains fresh.

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