Sexting on the rise in St Helens' schools, survey finds

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11th November 2015 16:34 - Education

According to a survey by St Helens Council, there has been a notable increase in bullying, self-harming and sexting in schools in the town, with 10 Sexting on the rise in St Helens' schools, survey findsper cent of year ten pupils being asked to publish indecent images of themselves online.

Of the students who said that indecent images of themselves had been published online, the majority said that they regretted sharing them and it made them feel uncomfortable.

The survey of 3,400 students was conducted in schools across St Helens during February 2015. The data from the research has since been given to a select panel, who are is responsible for children and young people’s services, to review.

However, the research did draw some positive findings, with 99 per cent of the students who took part in the survey saying that they brushed their teeth at least once per day and 95 per cent of the students said that they had never experimented with drugs. As well as this, just 7 per cent said that they smoke cigarettes regularly and less than one in five said that they had consumed alcohol within a week of taking part in the survey.

As well as secondary school pupils, primary school children were also included in the survey and revealed that 43 per cent of those in year six had been bullied in school, a decrease of 11 per cent on the 54 per cent of pupils who felt they had been bullied the year before.

One primary school teacher in St Helens, Amanda McEgan, said that she believes the majority of the work has been done to improve the issue touched in the survey within schools.

She said of the research findings: “There used to be a massive input from the local authority and particularly with PHE, which is what bullying would come under, but since 2011/2012 there’s basically no one left at the local authority so the push would have come from inside the school.”

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