Sexual health survey finds pupils in Scotland want more information in schools

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12th September 2018 17:20 - Education

Sexual health survey finds pupils in Scotland want more sex-ed in schools: A survey asking Scottish students about the experiences of their sexual health education in school has revealed more education would be beneficial in some areas. 
The survey, carried out by HIV Scotland polled 2,906 students and was, according to Nathan Sparling (head of policy and campaigning), ‘the largest of its kind’.
The survey sought to gauge the opinions of school children on the sexual health education they have received at school, and found that more than half had not even taken part in sexual health lessons –  despite the majority of Scottish schools providing them. It also found 16 percent of students had sexual health education less than a few times in an academic year. 
When it came to where they can go for sexual health advice and services, 41 percent said they did not know where to go. 
The survey also revealed confusion about HIV and incorrect information about how it can be transmitted, with half the students questioned saying they would like more information. Just under a third (35 percent) did not know how they could minimise the risk of contracting HIV, with 45 percent incorrectly believing it can be transmitted through spitting, through contact with toilet seats (34 percent), and kissing (26 percent). 
Sparling said of the survey: “ It shows that students in Scotland need and want better sexual health education, that informs them about the modern-day realities of HIV and how to prevent it.”

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