Some students willing to pay £23k tuition fees, survey finds

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12th January 2016 12:17 - Education

A recent survey of English students, conducted by the Society for Research into Higher Education has revealed that they would be willing to Some students willing to pay £23k tuition fees, survey findspay around £23,000 per year in tuition fees.

The students were asked about the maximum yearly figures they would be willing to pay for university education and students at one Russell Group university in particular gave a mean average score of £22,770.

The 223 students in the survey came from varied socio-economic backgrounds, and all gave different answers when asked how much they would be willing to pay per year in university fees. The researchers discovered that the average answer was £3,810.

Senior Education Developer at the University of the Arts London, Elizabeth Staddon, said that the survey findings may suggest that students feel like they do not have a choice in whether they progress to higher education or not, as they feel that not going to university is not a social norm, nor would it be advantageous for their careers.

Staddon also claimed that findings from focus groups indicate that students are relatively relaxed about the amount of student debt that is accrued whilst studying at university as repayments would be automatically taken from their salaries in the future.

The research paper which Staddon based her thoughts on said:

“A number reported that they didn’t think in terms of value for money very often and that they were unconcerned about paying a debt for money that they will never see,”

The research - which was conducted by Elizabeth Staddon, as well as Jon Catling and Alison Davies of the University of Birmingham - discovered that 8.5 per cent of individuals would not have chosen to go to university if fees were higher than they are at present. As well as this, approximately 17 per cent said that they wouldn’t have paid more than £15,000 for their university education.

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