Survey Discovers Kids Turn to Search Engines Instead of Parents

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9th March 2012 15:30 - Education

A survey by Birmingham Science City has shown that UK kids prefer using online search engines when they have a question instead of asking their parents or teachers.

Google and other search engines came out as top choice with 54% of the 500 children polled using this avenue as their primary port of call when seeking information. Parents came second with 26% of kids turning to them first with questions, and teachers came third with only 3% of the young surveyants asking them for help.

The study shows that young people are more comfortable with digital sources of information than traditional ones. A 91% majority of pupils now use search engines, with 47% of these using them at least five times a day.

In addition, almost half of the respondents at 45% have never used a printed encyclopaedia and almost a fifth of youngsters have never used a dictionary. Surprisingly, a further 34% of pupils also thought their homework was beyond their parents.

Dr Pam Waddell, Director of Birmingham Science City, commented: "With children now growing up in an environment where digital technology is accepted as standard, we wanted to see just how this has affected their approach to research and exploration. It's not surprising that with answers at the touch of the button, youngsters often Google questions before asking parents, friends or teachers."

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