Survey Finds UK Parents Not Implementing Online Safeguards for Their Kids

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22nd December 2011 16:24 - Education

A Virgin Media survey has revealed that more than one-third of the British parents who are planning to buy their children a computer this Christmas have not given any thought to parental control software for online protection.

In total, 10% of the UK mothers and fathers surveyed who have no online safety measure plans to safeguard their youngsters have never thought about the issue before, and 23% said they simply trust their kids not to access inappropriate or adult content.

A further 30% of those who took part in the survey  intend to supervise their kids whenever they access the Internet instead of relying on parental control software.

The study also highlighted the fact that  limited technical skills could be preventing parents from implementing this kind of software security, as 26% of parents admitted they would not know how to set it up.

Meanwhile, another poll conducted earlier this year by TalkTalk found that 59% of UK parents are worried their children could access inappropriate online content accidentally.

Executive Director of Broadband at Virgin Media, Jon James, commented: "The Internet is a great place for learning and education but there are also some places on the web parents would rather their kids weren't exposed to."

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