Survey Reveals Nine in Ten Graduates Found Work Amid Recession

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5th September 2013 13:33 - Education

A survey of 60,000 graduates, undertaken by the Higher Education Statistics Agency, recently found that more than four fifths (83%) were satisfied with their career, and two-thirds (66%) thought their course had given value for money.

Nine tenths (87%) of the class of 2008-09 were in work three and a half years after graduating, 6.7% were taking part in further study and 3.2% were unemployed. Furthermore, a tenth (7.2%) had been jobless for the first six months after graduating university.

The unemployment rate was slightly lower than it was for 2007 graduates (3.5%), yet still higher than that of 2005 graduates (2.5%). The overall unemployment rate for the general population stands at a tenth (7.8%).

In addition, the survey revealed differences in employment rates between subject areas; in 2009 89% of medicine and dentistry graduates were in a job, compared with just three quarters (72%) of history and philosophy graduates.

Median salaries for graduates in full-time work were circa £24,000. Men employed full-time were averaging £25,000, while women were on £23,500. Furthermore, medicine and dentistry graduates were averaging £30,000, compared to those who studied art or design - £15,000.

Nicola Dandridge, Chief Executive of the Vice-Chancellors Group Universities UK, said:

“These are encouraging figures and highlight the signs of recovery in the graduate jobs market after the recession.”

While, David Willetts, the Universities Minister, said:

“… A degree remains an excellent investment, and one of the best routes to gaining a good job and rewarding career…”

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