Survey finds exam stresses push primary school pupils to suicide

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3rd May 2016 18:13 - Education

Recent education market research findings have revealed that suicidal thoughts in primary schools are skyrocketing, with some pupils suffering with exam stress, cyber bullying and too much homework.Survey finds exam stresses push primary school pupils to suicide

Of the teachers who took part in the survey, one fifth said that they know of some pupils have attempted suicide and a further 50 per cent said that pupils in their school had harmed themselves as a result of stress.

The survey by the Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL) also found that teachers attributed the mounting stress on homework, tests, family, and cyber bullying and social media popularity.

The researchers questioned 420 teachers to reveal that 90 per cent of the teachers felt that the increased pressure is causing low self-esteem amongst the primary school children. A further 80 per cent of the teachers claimed that young students appear anxious and without motivation.

40 per cent of the teachers said that they knew of children who were suffering from eating disorders as a direct result of stress.

The Association of Teachers and Lecturers’ also discovered that 89 per cent of those working in education believed that testing and exams were the main cause of stress amongst primary school pupils. Other reasons the teachers cited were:

  • Mounting pressures on pupils to succeed from teachers and schools (70 per cent)
  • Problems at home (68 per cent)
  • An saturated curriculum (59 per cent)
  • The breakdown of their family (56 per cent)

The teachers in the survey also cited the desire to be popular on social media, such as Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat, as another cause of stress (56 per cent).

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