Survey finds many parents offer teens incentives for good A-level grades

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13th August 2015 11:06 - Education

According to the findings of a survey by Leeds Beckett University – published on 12th August 2015 - many parents are bribing their children Survey finds many parents offer teens incentives for good A-level gradeswith money, holidays, cars and laptops, to incentivise them to strive for high A-level grades.

The university discovered that monetary incentives vary from £5 to £17,000.

However, the number of students who were offered incentives has decreased by half since 2014, with around 1 in 3 teenagers expecting to receive goods from their parents, in return for good grades.

The research also explored which grades were likely to be rewarded and found that A* - B grades were the most incentivised, with an average of £100 per A and £50 for a B or C.

Deputy Vice Chancellor at Leeds Beckett, Professor Paul Smith, said of the findings:

“Whatever situation students find themselves in after getting their results, they are facing important decisions on their future. It’s important that they don’t panic as there are plenty of options open to them.”

It was found that females are being offered an average of £132 more than males this year, in comparison with last year, when males were offered an average of £60 more than their female counterparts.

Of the respondents, the participants from London were the demographic most likely to be rewarded, with 46 per cent of A-level students being offered incentives. On the other hand, students from Yorkshire were the least likely to receive an incentive, with just 19 per cent being offered one.

The top five incentives parents are offering their children this year are:

1. Money (21.4%)

2. Meal (5.8%)

3. Laptop (5.4%)

4. Holiday (5%)

5. Car (4%)

The study also uncovered that approximately 80 per cent of students felt distracted by social media whilst revising for their exams. As well as this, more than 50 per cent of the respondents said that they will tell their mums about their grades, before they tell their dads.

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