Survey finds some students consider illicit means of funding university life

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8th November 2016 13:10 - Education

Survey finds some students consider illicit means of funding university life: According to a recent survey conducted by Debut, a careers application for graduates, a significant number of university students have considered illegitimate means of funding their studies.Survey finds some students consider illicit means of funding university life

Of the 1,000 students in Debut’s survey, many had considered ways of earning money such as drug dealing, gambling and even escorting.  Entitled ‘The Real Cost of Uni’, the survey revealed that 17 per cent of students were okay with the idea of stripping for money, 14 per cent were okay with escorting for cash and a further 13 per cent would be okay with finding a sugar daddy to help fund themselves.

The casual attitude towards illicit means of earning was highlighted by the number of undergraduates who actually undertake illegitimate work. In the survey, London was dubbed the ‘prostitution capital’ of the research, with 16 per cent of students knowing another student who had worked as an escort for cash. Further to this, approximately 10 per cent of undergraduates are aware of a fellow student who have either gambled or sold drugs to earn money for university.

Debut has estimated that university campuses in the United Kingdom are home to some 172,790 drug dealers.

As tuition fees are expected to increase further in 2017, it is likely that even more students will be forced to consider illegal means of earning to cover the cost of going to university. As it stands, 397,416 students in the United Kingdom are forced to rely on hardship grants to get by.

The Chief Executive of Debut, Charles Taylor, suggested that it is easy for the older generation to look down upon the ways students are earning money for university, as the climate is vastly different to when they were young adults.

Taylor also added that as well as students having to pay annual tuition fees of £9,000, it is also hard to find part-time work to pay bills and fund living, whilst also finding the time to study.

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