Survey reveals many teachers would feel more secure wearing a bodycam

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15th February 2017 13:00 - Education

Survey reveals many teachers would feel more secure wearing a bodycam: A recent survey of the education sector has revealed that two thirds of staff within schools would feel safer if they were to wear a bodycam at all times, to monitor and provide evidence of pupils’ behaviour. A further one third said that they would be willing to wear a bodycam in school.Survey reveals many teachers would feel more secure wearing a bodycam

The ATL teaching union has revealed that approximately 40 per cent of teachers have encountered violence from pupils in recent years; however, the percentage is even higher amongst teaching assistants.

The TES survey, which questioned 600 teachers, revealed that of the teachers who took part in the survey, 37.7 per cent claimed that they would be open to wearing a bodycam in school and a further 66.4 per cent said that they would feel more secure in a classroom, with the knowledge that there is a camera in there to record everything.

35.1 per cent of the teachers who told the researchers that they would wear a body camera said that they would do so to help them monitor pupil behaviour, and to gain evidence of pupil behaviour. A further 19.5 per cent said that they would wear a bodycam to help improve their teaching.

A separate research report by the University of Cambridge, which was conducted in 2016, revealed that bodycams on police officers has a positive effect on both the officer wearing the camera and the public who they were interacting with. This research was conducted to explore how people behaved when they liaised with a police officer wearing a body cam.

The University of Cambridge’s survey also revealed that complaints filed against officers plummeted by 93 per cent during the 12 months that the survey was being conducted in comparison with the year prior.

Some schools in the United States of America have already introduced bodycams as part of their behaviour management strategies and a further two schools in the United Kingdom have also adopted cameras in the classroom also.

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