Survey reveals parents’ opinions on vocational qualifications

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11th November 2014 17:46 - Education

Research recently published by The Edge Foundation and City & Guilds, has uncovered how parents are making the link between high-quality vocational training and employability.

The survey of over 3,500 parents revealed that 57 per cent deem a young person, holding a vocational qualification in plumbing, to be “very employable”. This percentage is far higher than that of an English, History or Foreign Languages degree.

The study also explored parents’ knowledge of both academic and vocational routes. The findings showed that the parents knew more about academic qualifications such as GCSEs, A-Levels and degrees, than they did about vocational training.

Jan Hodges, CEO of The Edge Foundation, believes that: “Although parents are aware that practical skills are often the key to getting a job, when it comes down to it, many aren’t informed of the options.”

It could be concluded that despite being aware that practical skills are the key to securing employment, they are not well informed enough of the alternative options to academic qualifications.

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