Term-time holidays for primary pupils backed by two in five, reveals survey

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24th January 2019 17:38 - Education

Term-time holidays for primary pupils backed by two in five: It’s a hotly debated topic amongst parents and educators but for two in five people polled, a holiday during school time is acceptable for a primary school child.

The survey, recently published by the Department for Education, however, found that although 42% felt it was okay to take an 8-year-old out of school for a term-time break,  the same view was not held for taking older children. Just a quarter (25%) of UK adults said it was okay for a 15-year-old to miss school for a trip away. 

The research, polling 5,400 UK adults also looked at other occasions where parents felt it was acceptable to take their children out of lessons.

When considering an 8-year-old, 63% said it was okay to miss school for a funeral,  while this figure was 89% for a 15-year-old.

Just over half (52%) believe that an important family occasion was a good enough reason to miss school as a ‘one-off’ for an 8-year-old, the same percentage as for the older child.

When asked what they thought about taking a child out of school for a regular family celebration, 13% said it was okay to remove the primary-aged child, while 9% said the same for a high school child.
For 15% of respondents, none of the options warranted taking an 8 -year old out of school, while 5% said it wasn't acceptable for a 15-year-old.
*The research was published on the DfE website in January 2019.

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