The number of American people earning a master's degree has doubled in the last 20 years, reveals survey

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29th January 2020 17:15 - Education

The number of American people earning a master's degree has doubled in 20 years: A recent US survey has revealed an increase in the number of American adults (over the age of 25) earning master’s, professional and doctoral degrees.

The findings have been taken from the U.S. Census Bureau’s​ ​Educational Attainment in the United States​ survey, which found around 13.1% of US adults reported having an advanced degree in 2018, rising 4.5% from figures taken at the turn of the century (2000)

The research shows that the number of people aged 25 and over obtaining a Bachelor's degree has increased dramatically over the course of two decades. In 2018 the number of graduates stood at 48.2million, compared to just 29.8million in the year 2000.

Master's degree achievements also grew from 10.4million in 2000 to 21million in 2018, while the number of students graduating with a Professional degree had also increased (from 2.6million to 3.2million). Doctorate degree graduates increased from 2million to 4.5million. 

In the year 2000, a third of US adults over the age of 25  with at least a bachelor's degree had gone on to complete an advanced degree, which had increased to 37% by 2018.  

According to the data, more male students than females had dropped out of their courses over the last 20 years.

*This piece was researched and written by work experience student, Finley Blackburn.

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