Two-thirds of primary school teachers feel confident in supporting children with LGBT+ matters, survey reveals

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23rd June 2022 16:05 - Education

Two-thirds of primary school teachers feel confident in supporting children with LGBT+ matters: A recent study has uncovered that 66% of primary school teachers feel they can help their students with LGBT+ matters, leaving a third unconfident in supporting children in this area.
The survey by TeacherTapp polled just under 7,000 teachers in both primary and secondary schools about Pride activities during Pride month in June 2022. The study found that three in 10 primary school teachers had heard their students offer support or kind words to their LGBT+ friends, with 6% having heard of such behaviour through colleagues.
When asked about what Pride events had happened in their school, 15% of primary school teachers said they had engaged in activities to celebrate Pride month or educate their students about the LGBT+ community; an increase of 3% from 2021 and 12% from 2019.
Secondary schools appear to place Pride events higher on their agenda, according to the research, with 56% of teachers saying their school was doing something for Pride month; a 6% increase from 2021 and a 38% increase from 2018. In addition, eight in 10 secondary school staff reported feeling confident in their ability to help LGBT+ matters amongst their students.
The most commonly cited form of Pride activity in secondary schools was talking about the subject in lessons (42%), with running assemblies dedicated the Pride month (34%) also being common. In addition, 5% of secondary school teachers say their school has participated in wider community events, such as a Pride march.
Furthermore, seven in 10 secondary school teachers reported hearing their students say kind words to their LGBT+ friends. On the other hand, secondary school teachers were almost twice as likely to hear students use derogatory terms related to gender identity or sexuality as primary school teachers. 

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