Two thirds of students support universities sharing mental health crisis concerns with parents, according to university poll

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18th June 2019 15:45 - Education

Two thirds of students support universities sharing mental health crisis concerns with parents: A poll of 14,000 students has found two thirds (66%) were in support of universities sharing their concerns with parents should they learn that a student is facing mental health crisis.

The Student Academic Experience Survey 2019 published by the Higher Education Policy Institute (Hepi) revealed that many students may not be having the positive experience they might have expected at university, with just 18% saying they were happy and 17% saying their life felt 'worthwhile'.

Only 16% could say that their levels of anxiety could be classed as 'low'.

The poll found that just 14% said that their university life brought 'life satisfaction'.

As well as two thirds feeling universities should be able to contact parents if they had reason to believe a student was suffering with 'extreme' mental health issues,  18% felt that there should never be any circumstance where a parent is contacted. Fifteen percent felt that parents could be contacted whatever the level of concern.

The survey also revealed some insight into levels of satisfaction when it comes to value for money. It found that  the number of students feeling they are getting 'good' or 'very good' value for money has improved since last year, rising to 41%. At the other end of the scale, almost three in ten respondents (29%) felt they were getting 'poor' or 'very poor' value for money -  the biggest reason given being the cost of tuition fees.

When it comes to perceptions of value for money, the findings differed depending upon the group of students who were asked. Scottish students (63%) have quite a high perception of value for money, while for non-EU international students it's much lower (37%).

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