Two-thirds of students would prefer all lessons to be in classrooms rather than online post pandemic, reveals survey

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14th May 2021 13:36 - Education

Two-thirds of students would prefer all lessons to be in classrooms rather than online post pandemic: A survey by the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics has revealed that 66% of students would prefer to go back to learning more conventionally in classrooms, rather than online.

The survey polled 1,060 students aged 16 -18 years-old in the UK and US to determine their views on the effectiveness of virtual learning.

The research also found that 73% of students feel they don’t learn as well in online classes, in contrast to 9% who believe that virtual lessons have helped their learning.

When asked about the benefits of virtual learning, three-quarters said they had more time due to not travelling to and from school. Furthermore, 73% stated they were able to sleep more while learning from home, while a third of students said they like having their own, private learning environment.

On the other hand, 83% of students who perform better in person said they have less motivation to learn virtually than when they’re in the classroom. Three in five (61%) said they are less likely to ask questions to the teacher, with seven in ten stating they have more distractions when learning at home.

The students were then asked to suggest ways that teachers could make online maths lessons better, with 55% saying they would like more visual tools and videos to explain concepts, and 53% stating they would like teachers to record classes for them to review later. Furthermore, half expressed they would like better use of technology and digital programmes, with 37% stating one-on-one sessions would be helpful to ask any questions they may have.

The students also offered advice to others who are learning virtually, with 70% suggesting that creating a schedule and sticking to it is useful, and almost two-thirds (63%) saying that attending all classes and keeping up to date is important.

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