US Market Research Survey Shows Increase in Students Using Digital Devices

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23rd July 2013 11:05 - Education

CourseSmart, a leading Educational Services Platform, has recently released the latest version of the Education and Technology survey. The survey, which was fielded by Wakefield Research, an independent research consultancy, surveyed more than 500 currently enrolled US college students.

Findings show that almost all (99%) students surveyed reported having at least one digital device. More than nine in ten (93%) had laptops, three quarters (78%) own smart phones and a third (35%) have tablets. This is a significant increase from 2011 where fewer than half (47%) had smart phones and under a tenth (7%) reported owning a tablet.

The results went on to show that seven in ten (68%) students use three or more devices every day, whilst just short of half (47%) say that they check their devices every ten minutes, up from two fifths (38%) in 2011.

Sean Devine, CEO of CourseSmart said:

"We are continuing to see the positive potential of technology to increase access, lower costs and improve outcomes in higher education…”

Survey findings show that three fifths of students (59%) are more likely to bring a laptop or tablet to class, whilst two fifths (41%) would prefer to bring a textbook.

Nine in ten (90%) students admitted they don’t always complete the required reading in time for class. Of those students, more than half (53%) reported that they would be more able to complete the assigned reading material if it was readily available online and could be accessed via mobile devices.

The majority, (88%) reported using their device for last minute studying before a test, and four fifths (79%) felt that studying on mobile devices, digital textbooks, e-readers and tablets saved considerable time.

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