3 in 10 engineering services businesses are unclear about the implications of Brexit, reveals poll

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8th December 2020 16:49 - Engineering

3 in 10 engineering services businesses are unclear about the implications of Brexit: A survey of businesses in the engineering services sector has found that there is still uncertainty for many firms, with three in 10 (30%) reporting they are not clear on the business implications of leaving the European Union.

The survey targeted member companies of the ECA, BESA, SNIPEF and SELECT, finding that 28% of engineering services buisinesses are 'fully clear' about the business implications of Brexit following the 31 December deadline.

The research, which saw responses from 386 businesses also revealed that three-quarters believe that the cost of electrical and electronic products will 'stay the same' or increase.

Product availability 

When asked about product availability and their expectations around availability following the Brexit deadline, almost half (49%) the respondents polled said they expect things to stay the same, although two-fifths (40%) said they believe product availability is a major factor post Brexit. Fewer than a fifth, however said that they expect Brexit to cause product availability to be impacted negatively.

The survey also asked respondents for their thoughts around 'skills', with two-thirds (66%) saying they were not worried that skills would be impacted after Brexit, and almost a fifth (18%) reporting that they have implemented methods for managing skills issues linked to Brexit transition. For companies with a turnover of over £20million this increased to around two-fifths.

Fiona Hodgson, SNIPEF Chief Executive, said: “The latest survey shows our Members are optimistic about Brexit and recovery from the pandemic. However, there is still much uncertainty surrounding both which may continue to have implications for the supply chain for some time. We will continue to monitor the position and Members need to consider the effect of higher prices and longer lead times when planning work.”

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