Engineering industry predicted to grow in 2015, survey shows

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19th November 2014 11:27 - Engineering

A new survey of 3,500 engineers, conducted by Matchtech, has found that the growth within the UK industrial sector is predicted to increase in 2015.

On the heels of an investment in infrastructure projects, engineers are becoming more confident in the Government and the recovery of the UK economy as it is uncovered that three fifths (61 per cent) of engineers are certain that their income and revenues will grow within the next year.

Employment and order book growth in 2015 is anticipated by those surveyed. However, Matchtech claim that although the results show a strengthening of the industry, the findings also reveal that skills shortages within the industry are a prevailing concern for many. Matchtech claim that in order for the UK’s industrial sector to further develop, the growing skills gap needs to be addressed. To further illustrate this, 95 per cent agree that there is a skills gap in the UK.

Over half of the engineers surveyed (56 per cent); claim to be confident that the UK will maintain their position as a global engineering leader.

It was also found that two fifths (40 per cent) are confident that the reputation of the UK engineering sector has become more positive over the last year.

As well as this, more than two fifths (45 per cent) are confident that their employer will do more work overseas next year and 43 per cent expect the number of employees in their company to increase.

The survey also shows that the increasing demand for engineering is further adding to the UK skills gap in the industrial sector.

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