Engineering roles are the most difficult to fill, according to survey of industrial companies

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17th May 2022 13:27 - Engineering

Engineering roles are the most difficult to fill, according to survey of industrial companies: A survey of industrial companies has revealed that engineering roles are proving to be the most difficult to fill, with 57% saying this has been their experience.

Manufacturing and technical roles were also amongst the most challenging roles to populate, according to the survey (42% and 42%).

The research was conducted by trade show organisers, Nineteen Group, ahead of its Manufacturing & Engineering Week event, polling 268 firms across engineering, manufacturing, automotive, oil and gas and aerospace. 

When asked about the reasons why employers are struggling to fill roles, more than half (51%) said that they are finding it difficult to find employees with the correct experience, qualifications or skills. Another reason given for the difficulty in recruiting for roles is that candidates are opting instead for roles which offer a better work-life balance and are workable remotely.

Reasons cited by respondents for why they believe there is a skills shortage in UK engineering and manufacturing, included a 'lack of interest in manufacturing and engineering', 'insufficient involvement of manufacturing in technical education' and a 'lack of understanding of opportunities in modern manufacturing and engineering'. 

The survey also asked respondents about the impact of Covid-19 on their business, finding that two-thirds (67%) had been affected by the pandemic in some way, either 'wholly' or 'partly'. 

Despite the difficulties many firms admit to having with filling vacancies, just over a third (35%) said that they had considered using automated technology to bridge the gap.

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