Engineering survey finds lack of diversity and skills are slowing recruitment drive

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5th January 2018 13:29 - Engineering

Engineering survey finds lack of diversity and skills are slowing recruitment drive

Engineering survey finds lack of diversity and skills are slowing recruitment drive: Published by the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), the survey asked businesses within the engineering and technology sector what they thought was delaying the Government’s industrial strategy.

According to the results, over three fifths of businesses (61%) believed that not recruiting a sufficient number of staff with the right skills is a barrier that continues to stop businesses from achieving their business objectives.

To address the issue, over four fifths (81%) said employers should provide more work experience to help employees gain the right skills; with three quarters believing that by doing so, the UK’s industrial strategy could start to progress.

Over three quarters (78%) of businesses also believed that digital technologies and automation will rapidly develop over the next five-10 years.

However, less than one third (30%) of businesses acknowledged that it was their responsibility to provide relevant training to meet the recruitment challenges that have been bought on by technological advances. In addition, 30% mentioned their plans to continue to implement digital technologies over the next three years.

In addition to this, lack of diversity in engineering and technical roles could be fuelling a recruitment shortage as only 15% of businesses admitted that they have made an effort to retain women in engineering and technical roles.

Currently, only 11% of the UK’s engineering and technical workforce is made up of females and over three fifths (87%) of businesses claimed that they do not have LGBT or BAME diversity initiatives.

Commenting on the survey’s results, head of policy at IET, Joanna Cox, said: Engineering has the potential to make a huge contribution to increasing productivity in the UK. With many high value jobs being created through digitisation, we need more young people to see the exciting opportunities engineering presents." 

She adds: "Businesses [also] need to widen their talent pool and see the benefits that come from a more balanced and diverse workforce.”

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