Engineering survey reveals which sectors have the happiest workers

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9th August 2018 13:18 - Engineering

Engineering survey reveals which sectors have the happiest workers: A national engineering survey has revealed insight into how satisfied UK engineers are in their roles.

The survey by The Engineer found engineers in the academic sector (56.5%) were happiest in their current roles, with 81% saying they plan on staying in the industry for five years. Second happiest were Food & Drink / Consumer Goods engineers (54.7%) followed by Chem& Pharma/Healthcare (54.4%), Energy/Renewables/Nuclear (54,2%) and materials engineers (53.15%).

When it comes to feeling valued in their current role, engineers from the Chem& Pharma/Healthcare came top of the list with 44.8% saying they felt appreciated by bosses. Second to chart in terms of feeling valued was the automotive sector (43.3%), closely tailed by Energy and Renewables (42%), Food & Drink / Consumer Goods (40.8%) and Telecoms (40.25).

At the other end of the scale feeling least valued were engineers working in the Rail, Civil and Structural sector (34.2%) Defence & Security/Marine (33.5%), Aerospace (32.9%), Materials (32.3%) and Automotive (30.6%), who felt least valued.

Engineers from the automotive sector said it is probable they will stay in their current role for the next five years with 85.6% saying this was a likely outcome. The least likely to stay in their sector for the next half decade are engineers in the Food and Consumer Goods.

In terms of salary, Oil and Gas specialists have the highest salary at 53,913 per annum, followed by Energy (£52,653) and Pharma/Healthcare engineers with a £50,890 average salary.

The lowest salaries were found in the Telecoms and Utilities sector (£44,504) followed by Academia (£44,774), Rail, Civil and Structural (£45, 871), and Materials (£47,130).

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