Market Research Study Shows Less than Half of Manufacturers Conduct Energy Audits

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30th July 2013 15:00 - Engineering

Plant Engineering recently released a study showing although energy is the largest cost for many manufactures, fewer than half (47%) are choosing to conduct an annual energy audit. While just over a quarter of respondents perform an energy audit annually, only a twentieth (5%) conducted an audit twice a year, and a tenth (9%) quarterly.

Plant Engineering Content Manager, Bob Vavra, reported:

“… We think it is unlikely manufacturers would not audit the materials that come into their facility. Yet that appears to be happening with energy in many plants in America today. Manufacturers who do not understand their energy usage in all areas are missing a huge opportunity to better manage their overall costs and deliver greater savings and profits.”

Plant managers cited a lack of management support as the primary challenge in building an energy management program.  Whilst the survey found a third (33%) of plant managers said a lack of resources was the primary barrier to a program.

Despite this, more than seven in ten (70%) engineering plants do have an aggressive energy reduction goal – despite the fact that nine tenths (89%) of plant managers believed these goals were achievable.

Vavra continued:

“It’s clear that all parties involved in industrial energy management need to do a better job educating the end users on the value of a sound energy management program,”

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