More engineering employers feel new tech will help workforce grow rather than lead to job losses, finds survey

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14th May 2019 13:00 - Engineering

More engineering employers feel new tech will help workforce grow rather than lead to job losses: A survey of engineering bosses has revealed that most believe that new technology within the engineering construction industry is more likely to increase headcount rather than reduce it. 

The survey of 800 employers by the ECITB formed part of a report looking at how new technologies might affect the industry.

It found that a fifth of bosses polled thought new and emerging tech such as AI and automation will play a part in helping their workforce grow, compared to 9% who think it will result in the industry reducing over the next three years.

Looking at the benefits of new technology, eight in ten (81%) believe it will bring improved efficiency, while 65% predict it will mean greater precision. Over half (55%) said they expect it to bring new opportunities for their companies. 

Employers also noted ways how technology might prove a challenging for the industry, with a third (34%) believing the time constraints needed to adopt the new technologies could prove a challenge, and 30% saying the same of resources.

 Almost a fifth (19%) of those polled felt that their workforce lacked the skills needed to use the new technologies, while 14% said they feel the availability of training courses is lacking. 

The survey also found almost a quarter see no challenges in adopting new technologies, while a fifth (20%) said that they felt new tech is not relevant to their business. 

Looking at the impact on employee roles within the industry, 62% think that change in technologies will result in a greater need for engineering-related technicians, while 59% think the demand for engineering and science professionals is likely to grow. More than half (54%) expect to see an increased need for skilled mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and electronic trades.



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